Me....i lost too many things in past few weeks.

I am strong,cuz i smile and try to get everything all right.
All i can rely on is my family.

I regret that i did something wrong,
i regret i am selfish that i insist to go away from them.

I am back to france now,and i found i am alone.
I told everybody i am  stong enough to handle everything,
but i  cry in every morning.

 I walk and walk,try to get somewhere belong to me,
try to find someone can listen to me,try to look for a hug.

But,there are nothing,

I sit down at metro station,i saw people passed by.....
I saw they laugh,hug eachother,and telelphone....

Unfortunately,i was outside all of this.
I am me,and i am alone.

You know?
To say "i am fine" is easy....

But what i am looking for?
Is just one person can let me tell him....
"NO,totally not fine, I feel SAD and helpless....Could u listen to me? "

Unluckly,i didn't find anybody.
Everybody is busy in this city.

I breath and breath deeply.....
i tell myself i have to handle my sadness and helpless by myself....

It's sad,but it's reality!


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